(Eng.) Milacenter membership 2021

The activities of the Center are open to all, membership is not compulsory, but becoming a member of DK Mila Center is a very valuable support allowing us to face the current expenses, such as the costs of remuneration of translators, the costs of organization of the coming of Lamas during the rituals performed by Khenpo K. Tashi Rinpoche, etc.
Membership allows one to attend general meetings of the association and members benefit from reduced participation in Teachings and Pujas.

Membership is however compulsory to follow a Retreat at the Center.


Jetsun Milarepa

Drikung Kagyu Mila Center (association culturelle, loi 1901) : 132, rue du Chevaleret 75013 Paris.

Drikung Kagyu Mila Rechen Center (association cultuelle, loi 1905) : 66 rue du Faubourg de Villeneuve, 45420 Bonny-sur-Loire.